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tipsy - Facebook-style tooltip plugin for jQuery


Tipsy is a jQuery plugin for creating a Facebook-like tooltips effect based on an anchor tag's title attribute.

Examples & Usage


By default, tooltips will appear centred underneath their anchor:

Hover over me

Basic example:


Using the gravity parameter, it's possible to control the positioning of the tooltip relative to the pointee:

Northwest North Northeast
West   East
Southwest South Southeast
Gravity example:
$('#foo').tipsy({gravity: 'n'}); // nw | n | ne | w | e | sw | s | se

As of version 0.1.3, it's possible to use a callback function to set the gravity dynamically at hover-time. Within the callback, this refers to the active element, and the function should return the calculated gravity as a string. Two demo callbacks are supplied - $.fn.tipsy.autoNS and $.fn.tipsy.autoWE - which select north/south and west/east gravity, respectively, based on the element's location in the viewport.

Here's an example (scroll the page to see the effect):

Dynamic Gravity
Dynamic gravity example:
$('#foo').tipsy({gravity: $.fn.tipsy.autoNS});


For full Wob2.0 compliance, you must fade these badboys in:

Hover over me

Fade example:
$('#example-fade').tipsy({fade: true});

Bonus Feature

You can EVEN COMBINE FADE AND GRAVITY! (exercise for reader)

Slightly Advanced Usage

Tooltip text can be set based on any attribute, not just title:

Hover over me

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